A man wanted in Tennessee on federal charges who escaped from a South Congaree patrol car on Thursday has been captured, according to the South Congaree Police Department.

South Congaree police and Lexington County deputuies located located Joshua Allen Irwin, 28, and took him into custody without incident at around 6:30 a.m. this morning at an address in South Congaree, according to the South Congaree Police Department. A second male subject at the location was also taken into custody.

Authorities had been looking for Irwin since he escaped from the back of a police car Thursday. He had last been tracked to the Genesis Road area near Kirk Street.

Irwin was wanted on federal larceny charges.

South Congaree Police Chief Josh Shumpert says officers observed a suspicious vehicle pulled over on Oak Street at Rambling Road Thursday. Officers approached the car, which was occupied by a male driver and two passengers - one male and one female.

After running the driver's license and tags and realizing that the driver, later identified as Irwin, was wanted and the car was stolen out of Lexington County, police handcuffed Irwin and put him in the rear of their patrol car.

Two other passengers, a man and a woman, were asked to exit the vehicle while they searched it, after seeing several suspicious items. As officers searched the car, police say the female passenger, later identified as 24-year-old Lindsey Ruff, opened the patrol car door. Both Irwin and Ruff fled the scene.

Jessica Ruff

Police say they gave chase and were able to capture Ruff. with K-9 assistance from Lexington County, police say they were able to track Irwin to the Genesis Road area, near Kirk Road.

Ruff is charged with possession of heroin (first offense), aiding and abetting, and resisting arrest.

Irwin will be charged with resisting arrest, possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of herion (first offense) among other charges.

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