ATLANTA -- Alpharetta Police released dash cam video of a driver being pulled over after traveling more than 110 miles per hour on GA-400.

He told the officer he was trying to take a Snapchat photo while driving.

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Malon Neal, the driver of the car pulled over, was going over 100 miles per hour while changing lanes, according to an Alpharetta Police report. The report doesn't say exactly how speed played into what happened on GA-400, but it does include Neal telling a police officer he was trying to take a Snapchat photo while going down the road.

The photo, video and location-sharing app has a filter which allows users to show their speed in real-time. 11Alive's Joe Henke tested out the app in station's parking lot with no traffic around (and he was wearing a seatbelt). The filter showed his rate of speed as 0.3 mph, while Alpharetta Police clocked the Dodge Charge Hale was driving at 112 mph.

Dash cam video shows an Alpharetta Police officer pulling Hale over Tuesday night on GA-400 near the exit for Mansell Road. Audio from the footage captures their interaction:

Officer: "I would love to see where you are headed in such a hurry."
Neal: (Inaudible)
Officer: "Trying to what?"
Neal: "Do it for Snapchat."

The officer was surprised by the driver's honesty. George Gordon, the spokesman for the Alpharetta Police Department of public safety, told 11Alive he was relieved the officer stopped the driver when he did.

"We could have had a serious crash, serious traffic accident," Gordon said. "It is a heavily traveled corridor, and I can't fathom 112 miles an hour at 9 at night on a busy night, doing something like that."

"Unfortunately for the driver -- fortunately for us -- he passed one of our traffic units, and, who knows, we may have saved a life," Gordon continued.

The dashcam video then shows officers arresting Neal for reckless driving, speeding and using a cell phone while driving.

11Alive tried by phone and in-person to contact Neal but was unsuccessful. Police hope this arrest and its consequences stop other driver's from using social media while driving.

Alpharetta Police told 11Alive, if you need to use your smartphone from the driver seat, doing it in a parking lot, with a car in park and foot off the pedal is the safest way.