Hopkins, SC (WLTX) -- In just three weeks, South Carolina is expecting more than one million visitors to witness the eclipse. But some people will want to get a unique eclipse-watching experience.

"We're going to get more nature enthusiasts, I think. We're expecting a lot of people who want to come out and get a sense of what nature does during an eclipse," said Jon Manchester with the Congaree National Park.

Park rangers will be providing guided tours to the prime viewing locations in the Congaree National Park, but it will also focus on a lot more than the eclipse.

"You're going to get a much different experience. You're going to get a lot of the wildlife and nature side of things," said Manchester.

Manchester said, as the sky darkens on August 21st, the nocturnal animals will start coming out in the middle of the day.

"We are going to start hearing owls, we'll see bats, a chance of maybe seeing bobcats or other nocturnal animals may pop out because they're going to be a little confused," he said.

But that's exactly what some visitors want to experience.

"I had someone call in and that's what he wanted to do. He wanted to come out in the woods when the eclipse happened," said Manchester.

The total solar eclipse is only going to last 2 and a half minutes, and whether you are watching it from an open parking lot or under a thick forest canopy, it'll be a once in a lifetime experience for many.

The guided tours are already booked, but the Congaree National Park will be holding events all weekend long.

Are you aware? WLTX and the State Fair are hosting the "Total Eclipse Tailgate" on the big day. Come and join a few thousand of your friends to watch the historic event, complete with food and entertainment! For more details, visit here.