South Carolina (WLTX) - The total eclipse on August 21 is expected to draw over one million people to the Palmetto State and News 19 wants to make sure that you and everyone else is prepared for the once in a lifetime event.

"It's getting to be eclipse mania," Noah Petro said.

Petro is a NASA research scientist.

"You'll see a total eclipse. The moon will completely block the sun for a neighborhood of two minutes," he said.

Although Petro said science is fun, you need to stay protected and wear specialized sunglasses. There is however, a moment where you can view the eclipse with the naked eye.

"During totality if you put this on, you'd see nothing. That's the point where you want to take your glasses off, so you actually see the beautiful corona of the sun radiating out from it," he said. "That instantaneous glimpse of he sun is something you want to minimize, but that's the clue to put your glasses back on."

If you plan on taking pictures your smartphone should be fine, but if you're using other digital cameras WLTX I-T Manager Andy Peeler said you need to use a filter.

"There really isn't the intense light on that sensor. In the case of a DSLR (camera), when you're first focusing it, you're passing all of that light initially through the view finder without any kind of filter on. It's passing it straight through that view finder into your eye. It will literally burn your eye," said Peeler.

And with the estimated one million people in South Carolina, first responders are prepared. Lugoff Fire Battalion Chief Chris Spitzer said they've added firefighters and everyone is on call. They're asking the public to obey the traffic laws, not stop on the roads and stay vigilant.

"People are going to be curious and a lot of times curiosity leads to unfortunate events. It may not be you that's creating the problem. It may be somebody else," said Spitzer.

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