Columbia, SC (WLTX) - We're a little more than 6 weeks away from the total solar eclipse and eclipse merchandise is already hitting the shelves.

Sun protection glasses, t-shirts and mugs are some of the classics we found at the South Carolina State Museum and the Mast General Store in Columbia. But our eclipse excursion also lead us to few other notable items.

Eclipse poop, you read that right, eclipse poop is sold at the Museum but don't worry it's chocolate nut toffee to replicate the eclipse.

If you're looking for glitz and glam, you can find some eclipse earrings at the Museum and soon they'll have little fans you can hook up to your iPhone to power it through your mobile battery.

David Wingo at the Mast General Store says they've already had to restock on their glasses and t-shirts a few times. "We get 15-20 people a day and they come immediately excited to be able to find something" said Wingo, "I don't think there's very much out there yet."

Wingo says they wanted to capitalize on a big opportunity our city has right now. They had a few locally sourced items in their store but one favorite is a hand-made soap.

Penny's Naturals has yellow round soaps with a black sticker on the front that looks the moon covering the sun. Penny Calcina has her botanical soaps in a few stores throughout the Midlands and says the eclipse is a great opportunity for folks to know what local vendors have to offer.