In 1970, Jim Gandy was 3% away from seeing a total eclipse. In a moment nearly 50 years in the making, South Carolina's weather man finally saw a total eclipse on Monday, right here in the Midlands . . . and his reaction was awesome.

"It's hard to explain," said Gandy, his breath still taken away by the historic site. "The two and half minutes just went by so fast."

"We were just looking at everybody, trying to appreciate everything going on," he said to News 19 reporter Loren Thomas. "It's just hard to put into words totality," he said, still shaking his head in amazement.

Gandy's emotional reaction is a testament to his love of and passion for weather and science. That passion, combined with his vast experience and knowledge, led NASA to name Gandy an Eclipse Subject Matter Expert in recent weeks.

Gandy has more than 42 years of experience as a professional meteorologist, with 33 of those year years right here in the Midlands. He is well known for his forecast of Hurricane Hugo, his coverage of the 1993 superstorm, and the Lexington County tornado outbreak in 1994 among other things.