Santee, SC (WLTX) - The bumper to bumper traffic expected for the Town of Santee hasn’t shown up yet.

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“No traffic at all,” said driver Jennifer Mouhalis.

Mouhalis drove from Florida with her two daughters to see the eclipse and says she was shocked at how many cars weren't on the road.

“We heard rumor that it was going to be horrible, but surprisingly we made perfect time,” Mouhalis said.

In fact, Joey Buynar, a driver coming from Savannah, says he's not sticking around to see the eclipse because he thought there would be too much traffic.

“We’re trying to get back up to Virginia," Buynar said. "My daughter starts school here soon so we thought it'd probably be best for us to get up on the road.”

But Buynar says he’s seen the drivers and knows they're coming in droves.

“We’ve seen a lot of cars that say, 'eclipse or bust,'" Buynar said. "It’s going to get worse probably in the morning hours.”

Until then, these drivers say they’ll just enjoy the calm before the storm.