Newberry County, SC (WLTX) - We're exactly two months away from the total eclipse and cities across the Midlands are finalizing everything they need for the thousands of visitors we're expecting.

In the city of Newberry, leaders there have activities for the whole family during a four day span. They're now closing ties with security, EMS and local police.

"Making sure that everyone is going to be happy, safe and have a good time" said MaryAlex Kopp, the tourism and events coordinator for The City of Newberry.

The City of Newberry has about 10,000 people and the county has 30,000, Kopp says they're expecting those numbers to double for the weekend of the Eclipse. The problem is, where are they all staying if they decide to spend the night?

There are only but a handful of hotels in the city and the two main ones are now booked.

Hampton Inn has 73 rooms and they tell News19, none are available for that weekend anymore.

Kopp is now asking folks to consider Airbnb, "we're reaching out to the public, asking families to please put your homes on rental websites places like Airbnb if you have a spare room in your house and you know that you don't have family coming show folks that are coming some of that southern hospitality and invite them into your home, show them what it's like to have a good time."