Columbia, SC (WLTX) - With the eclipse happening in less than a week, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to flock to the Midlands this weekend. However, hotels are booked and Airbnb has now become a viable option.

"This is a renovated garage that I did for my son when he was about 18,” says Sara Williams.

Williams listed her "Cozy Garage Apartment" on Airbnb’s website, hoping to get an eclipse guest for $150 a night.

"We took pictures and stuff,” says Williams. “I put it on last night and this morning I got it rented."

In less than 12 hours her listing was booked. Which surprised the first-time Airbnb host.

"This is kind of exciting, so many people coming in from all around the world to come to our community."

Nearly 60 bookings are currently available in the Columbia area, going for $100, $1,000 or even $2,000 a night.

For Jeanie and Archie Kelly though, they have high hopes.

"We put it up for 10,000 dollars a night."

The Kelly’s listed their entire seven-bedroom home for $10,000! Initially, when News 19 reached out to the Kelly’s, there were thoughts that the post was a joke.

"Really, we did it as sort of a dare, to have fun with the kids," says Archie Kelly.

The Kelly's then started taking the listing seriously. They've already had inquiries for the home for later dates. However, the home is only available for the eclipse, with special guests in mind.

"What if a celebrity who had access to a corporate jet and wanted to come watch the eclipse,” says Kelly. “They would have to have a place to stay and all of the hotels are booked up, so maybe they would want to come stay at our place"

While the Kelly’s don't know who would rent their home, they have a few ideas.

"Leonardo DiCaprio, Lebron James, Michael Jordan. It's obviously a really cool thing here in Columbia."

So far 740 bookings have been made on Airbnb here in Columbia.