Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The South Carolina Philharmonic Orchestra held a special concert on Sunday night. The orchestra decided to welcome eclipse Monday by playing music from the Star Wars series.

The special show was completely sold out and those who went say they are excited about experiencing the eclipse on Monday.

"It was amazing," says Debra Thompson. "The conductor was outstanding from start to finish."

"I enjoyed how the orchestra really bought into it," says Drew Dunn. "They put glow sticks on their bowstrings. They had light sabers, a lot of them dressed up. Obviously I'm enthused by people dressing up, so I'm glad they really got into the event as much as we did."

"They sound just like the soundtrack did, which is impressive," says Elijah Cost. "I bought tickets the day they came out, which was like a year ago. So, I've been counting down the days for a year now."

The show was live streamed to patient rooms at the Richland, Baptist, and Baptist Parkridge campuses of Palmetto Health in Columbia, giving patients the ability to experience an eclipse event during the weekend.