Columbia, SC (WTLX) - While many are running around at the last minute to gear up for the Eclipse on Monday, businesses are receiving the benefit booming in sales and building new relationships with shoppers.

Columbia's Mast General Store is gearing up for the Great American Event with shirts, moon pies, and glasses. General Manager Jeremy Becraft says madness doesn't only happen in the month of March.

"If you're a retailer, if you're not trying to take advantage of this event, maybe you should be in a different business. Gamecocks going to the Final Four kind of excitement but people weren't busting the doors down for the t-shirts and stuff. People are about ready to bust the doors down for this eyewear," said Becraft.

Hundred of calls were pouring into the store on Thursday after they had a morning shipment of eclipse glasses. Von Gretchen Nelson, who lives in Blythewood, says it's been a long day.

"This is our third store that we've visited and luckily they had the glasses," said a relieved Gretchen Nelson.

She says that the eclipse is helping her family be introduced to new things that could be a plus for both shoppers and businesses.

"Bringing us into a place of business that we've never been in before,” laughed Gretchen Nelson. “I didn't know this place even existed so it's booming and boosting the sales throughout Columbia."

Building new relationships and stock flying off the shelves is making Becraft a happy camper.

"I'm pretty confident that it's going to be a pretty big weekend and something that Columbia residents are going to remember for a long time," said Becraft.
The general manager is expecting a huge turnout over the weekend for people to buy eclipse gear.