Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Kayakers are ready for the total eclipse.

"It's a chance for people in Columbia to see something that very few people get to see," Billy Easterbrooks said.

Easterbrooks runs Carolina Outdoor Adventures and he's taking 10 kayakers down the river.

"An experience and a memory of a lifetime. They'll be a lot of different events going on in Columbia with thousands of people at it. There's going to be 10 people on our trip, so it's a chance to be in a very, very small group and experience the eclipse in a completely different setting," he said.

Wayne Aveyard has been gearing up for weeks.

"It's a once in a lifetime for most people. Some of us older people have probably seen the partial before, but there's really no better way to do it. Another reason that this eclipse will be good on the river is that your lightning bugs will be out too," Aveyard said. "Not your modern day with your electronic devices and stuff. It kind of sends you back and think of what we used to have."

And they're making sure to stay safe while looking up.

"We'll be on the sandbar for at least an hour and a half before the actual totality happens, so we can watch the partial eclipse as it builds up to it and we're bringing chairs so that everyone can sit down and relax, kind of cool of and just enjoy the day," said Easterbrooks.