Orangeburg County, SC (WLTX)- All the schools in Orangeburg Consolidated School District Five and one administration building are getting renovations after trustees voted to borrow $8.75 million.

Walking through the facilities, Bill Clark with the district, points out all the things needed for their buildings, "roof repairs, air conditioner repairs and replacements, security enhancements, camera systems upgrades and the athletic facilities."

Inside Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School, some classes don't have air conditions and outside, the field's score board doesn't work.

The damages penetrate their district office too. The IT room that houses all the data and school's technology is in a flood risk area. "This office right here is the lowest point in the building when we do have water infiltration it all finds its way down to this office and that's not an ideal situation to be maintaining computer hardware" explained Clark.

The list goes on and on but it's all about to change. Trustees voted 6-0 to borrow $8.75 million to update these schools. It's not affecting tax payers until 2018.

"There will be no impact on taxes for this year or next year but the following year there will be an increase of 5 mills which will translate to approximately 20 dollars annually on an individual with a hundred thousand dollar house" said Clark.