West Columbia, SC (WLTX)- It was the first day of school for several students across the Midlands.

At Northside Middle School in Lexington County, new students and a new administration were getting adjusted.

“Well I'm nervous, but I'm also pretty excited,” new Northside sixth grader Joshua Koon explained.

“I'm ready for them to get here,” new Northside principal Mary Paige Damm said.

For the pair, their first day at their new school brings mixed emotions.

“It's definitely a change,” Koon admitted. “There's multiple teachers, there's lockers and there's going to be a lot more homework because there's more teachers.”

“I'm just excited,” Damm said with a smile.

“I've been practicing my locker combination and I have a pretty good idea of where everything is,” Koon said.

“We came up with the mission IOUMPB which stands for 'I offer you my personal best every day,' and every staff member and faculty members at the school has committed to that,” Damm said.

The principal said they are now working to get all the students on board with the new mission.

“It's almost like you've wrapped a lot of presents and you're ready to deliver them," Damm said of her excitement for the new school year.

“I think I'm ready for it,” Koon said confidently about his first year in middle school.

The entire administration is new this year at Northside. This includes Damm as principal, Stephen Sutusky as the new assistant principal and Anna Wilson as the assistant administrator.

More than 600 students returned to Northside Middle School Thursday.

“It feels exciting. You get more responsibilities you have your lockers, you get to bring your tablets home,” sixth grader Avery Adkins said. “You get to do dissecting stuff, I wanted to do that in science.”

“Be yourself and focus on your school work definitely instead of what other people think,” eighth grader Anna Carrington said as advice to the sixth graders.

Children in Lexington School District 2, Saluda, Kershaw, Newberry County schools, Clarendon County District One and Orangeburg Five also started school.