West Columbia, SC (WLTX) - From using voices to bring a story to life, to raising the roof and learning to count through rapping, Anna Richbourg is making sure her class of five and six-year-olds master the basics at Congaree Wood Early Childhood Center.

"I get them at a very impressionable age. I teach them how to read, how to tie their shoes, how to button their pants, how to write their name," said Richbourg.

Richbourg says those fundamental skills stay with you through the rest of your life and her first grade teacher at Spring Dale Elementary helped influence her decision to be a teacher.

"I just knew from the moment that I got into high school that that's what I was going to do and that I was going to be an early childhood teacher," Richbourg explained.

In Richbourg's class, popular play spots include the lego table and the home living center. It makes the class like family.

Richbourg said, "They're my children and you know, I have 2 children at home. 2 boys at home that I birthed. I've been teaching, this is my 17th year teaching kindergarten so you multiply 17 times 25, 28 kids a year, that's a lot of lives."

After receiving her award, Richbourg's class gave her a round of applause and then she taught them about the school bus on the front of the award.

"They're a part of everything I do so I can't accept an award outside of them. I have to accept the award with them," Richbourg explained.

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