After posting about her family's camping trip on Snapchat, a 17-year-old's friend along with two others allegedly burglarized her family's home, according to an affidavit from the Austin Police Department.

On March 17, the affidavit states that the teen posted on Snapchat that she and her family were camping. Her friend, identified as Jesman Alvarenga-Madrid, sent her messages asking what she was doing and where they were.

The next day, the family's neighbor said he was working on a car in his front yard when he saw two males -- one matching the description of Alvarenga-Madrid -- walking around in their backyard and looking around the residence. One of the males approached the neighbor and asked if he lived at the residence, to which he replied that he did not.

The neighbor said before leaving to go to the store, he told his wife to keep an eye out on the family's residence for anything suspicious. When he returned, his wife said she did not see anything suspicious.

On Sunday, March 19, the teen -- who did not have any cell service on the campgrounds -- was returning home with her family when she started receiving messages and voice mails from friends who were looking after her pets while they were gone. Her friends were trying to reach out to her to tell her that her home had been burglarized. The friends said they called police, but were told that officers would be unable to respond for several hours.

The teen's family called police and filed a report when they got home.

A few days later, the teen told her mother that she knew who had burglarized the house. Someone who knows the daughter told her that his friend had several of her stolen items in his vehicle.

Police discovered on March 24 that Alvarenga-Madrid and two others were arrested March 23 for burglarizing several vehicles and were in jail.

Detectives spoke with Alvarenga-Madrid's friends, who admitted to being involved in the burglary. They are not named in this affidavit because they have not been charged in connection to this alleged burglary.

Alvarenga-Madrid faces a charge of burglary of a residence, a second-degree felony.