Waldorf, MD (WUSA) - Angela Cowan is a single mother of five. Her house is busy, but she makes sure to preach gratitude.

A few years ago, on Christmas Day, she and her children decided to cook for the homeless.

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"The first year was chicken noodle soup, cake, water and crackers in the back of my jeep. That one time turned into six years," said Cowan.

Every year since then, on Christmas Day, her family goes to the corner of 14th and K Streets in D.C. to feed the homeless. It has grown to a full spread of turkey, green beans, potatoes, mac and cheese, and more.

Each year, they feed anywhere from 200-300 people.

"It can grow more if I had more help, if I had people that would just take the time to help, because it's not about money all the time. It's about you putting on gloves and standing in front of someone that is less fortunate than you and giving back," said Cowan.

This year, she and her children have already started preparing for their Christmas morning tradition.

"If I can be blessed, then I can bless other people and so can my children," said Cowan.

If you are interested in volunteering or donating, then please click here.