With Father's Day coming up in 15 days the Gamecock men's basketball team gave some fathers an early gift. The gift of time with their kids.

The South Carolina men's basketball team and head coach Frank Martin held it's Father's And Son's basketball camp this weekend. It's a Friday and Saturday camp that puts a twist are your traditional basketball camps.

South Carolina head coach Frank Martin and Andy Assaley, the Director Of Basketball Operations for USC, started this camp together during their first year at Kansas State. They inherited the idea from similar programs they've seen over the years and now it's in Columbia providing the opportunity for men and their children to connect through basketball.

"Father and Son camp is the dearest camp for me because of the bond that exist between a father and son. The ability to go to a camp for a father that probably hasn't been to a camp in a long long time and be around their child and show their child the values of being at camp and coexisting with them and this a powerful powerful camp for me," Martin said.

In this camp dads and sons participate in drills together. They get a real sense of what Gamecock players and coaches do to prepare for practice and games.

"We believe in hard work. You watch how we play on the court so naturally we put that in our camp too so we're going to work hard in our camp," Assaley said. "It's a good workout for the dads and we try to tell them not to push it too hard but we want to work out the sons too so all that falls in line with our philosophy and that's hard work."

There's also a deeper meaning of a man's impact on his family.

"Fatherhood to me is the most important responsibility we have as a man," Martin said. "To be able to engage that through the game of basketball at a two day camp and anytime you can put all those things together you make a child understand the value of a father and you make a father understand how important their responsibility is in the life a child."

If you want to find out when the next USC Father And Son camp is and other Gamecock basketball camps go here-https://frankmartinbasketballcamps.com/