The dog that was found covered with 19 stab wounds outside a north St. Louis county church has been adopted by the family of a member of the St. Louis County first-responder unit that was investigating the incident.

On March 13, Frannie, a 10-year-old poodle mix was found at a north St. Louis County church while police were responding to a mental illness call.

Frannie was suffering from blood loss, shock and trauma when she first arrived at the HSMO After receiving IV fluids, antibiotics and pain medication, she was in guarded condition at HSMO headquarters. Since then, she’s made a tremendous recovery.

Photo: Humane Society of Missouri

The adopters, who have asked to remain anonymous, told the HSMO staff they knew from the first day that if she survived they wanted to adopt her. They also said they’ll keep her name ‘Frannie.’

“Frannie has a legion of people who took an interest in her plight, donated toys and money to help us care for her and who wanted to adopt her,” said Kathy Warnick, president of the Humane Society of Missouri. “We feel adopting her to this first-responder family will ensure her the safe and loving future she deserves. We are very grateful for all of the expressions of support and love we have received for Frannie.”