A South Carolina Salvation Army is thanking an anonymous donor after a gold coin was found inside one of its 'Red Kettles' used to collect donations.

"We would like to say thank you to the donor who dropped the gold coin into the kettle," said Salvation Army corps officer Lt. Michael McGee in a press release. "Your generation helps us fight for good in our community all year. God bless you."

Photo via Savannah Levins/NBC Charlotte's Twitter account.

The gold coin was dropped into a red kettle in Rock Hill on Monday. A note wrapped around the coin said, "use this anonymous gift to publicize giving."

The Salvation Army relies on the money raised through the Red Kettle campaign to help families in need celebrate Christmas in addition to helping fund year-round programs and social services, the organization said in a press release.

Lt. McGee said the donations go toward important causes.

"Please be assured that every dollar you drop into the kettle helps meet the greatest need in York, Chester and Lancaster counties."

Those interested in donating to the Rock Hill Salvation Army can click here for more information.