A photograph of a snake that appears to be nursing her young is the focus of this article.

Yes, it is. Please read the disclaimer in the next sentence.

DISCLAIMER: You will not find anything of serious and significant value if you keep reading.

The author of this article spent time today focusing on the veracity of the suckling snake photo that was posted on a local Facebook page.

The page: 303 Trail Monitor, which you can find here, and the post is here.

The photo is obviously a fake, however, we had a snake expert named Tim Trout at the Denver Zoo analyze the photo because…..well, because the photo had us talking during the morning editorial meeting.

Trout spent the past 18 years of his life handling, breeding and raising venomous snakes, so he knows much about how snakes nurse their young.

It turns out they don’t... at all.

“Snakes don’t have milk. Rattle snakes don’t hatch. There’s probably very little to no parental care in rattlesnakes,” Trout said.

Trout also confirmed snakes don’t have nipples.

So if you’ve made it this far in this article, you can take away something to discuss with your friends later.

However talking about snake nipples is probably already weird and maybe you should just keep this fact to yourself.

Sorry to waste your time.