Washington, D.C. (WUSA) - Recent allegations of sexual misconduct against powerful men like Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose have come as a shock to many.

A group in the District says these allegations are inspiring them to keep up the work they've been doing, teaching young men what is expected of them.

Neil Irvin and his colleagues have been working to educate teen boys and girls about sexual misconduct against women for years.

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Irvin in the Executive Director at the D.C. based organization Men Can Stop Rape. Now, the topic of sexual misconduct has a lot of peoples' attention.

"The thought that we would have two months steady of this conversation has been 40 years in the making," said Irvin.

Irvin says he isn't celebrating the recent allegations, but it has inspired him and his group to keep doing the work they've been doing because it has been a struggle to have people held accountable.

Men Can Stop Rape focuses on youth development and making sure young men know what sexual assault is, how to stop it, and be respectful to women.

"To see these men now being accused and being held accountable, I think it helps life the veil that it could be anyone. Therefore, we all need to be involved in creating an environment where that kind of behavior is not acceptable, normalized and is at all times held accountable," said Irvin.