Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Governor Nikki Haley has weighed in on the series of problems plaguing the Richland County Elections Office.

"The one thing we want in South Carolina, is for people to be confident in their vote, confident that their vote counts and for us to realize that we've got to make sure that moves as swiftly as possible," said Haley.

Haley said she was concerned about allegations of political influence on hiring at the elections office.

During a news conference, fired Richland County Elections Director Howard Jackson said members of the Elections Board warned him against firing Deputy Director Garry Baum, the brother-in-law of Senator Joel Lourie.

Jackson says he was told not to fire Baum with board members telling him it would not be a good political move. He says fired Baum in September 2013 despite the warning which he says played a role in his termination.

"It is very concerning that there were accusations yesterday that a senator was bullying and trying to weigh in on keeping a brother-in-law with a job and it just smells of corruption and so I'm concerned about that," she said. "I hope that Richland County, the City of Columbia, and the delegation act accordingly."

Senator Lourie told News 19 that he had no contact with the board or the director about his brother-in-laws employment.