Columbia, SC (WLTX)- Thousands laid off after an abandoned project at VC Summer are looking for a new job. If you want to be liked by employers, social media can help. We have all heard the basics such as having a professional picture on your profile.

But News 19's Digital Producer Roshanda Pratt has three things you should keep in mind when it comes to hunting for a job on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

First, across all platforms keep an eye on hashtags relating to jobs. Employers may often tweet out job applications with accompanying hashtags on Twitter. You can also use the search bar found on Facebook. For best results type in words like "jobs" or "hiring" and other specifics that apply to your field.

Make it personal. Anytime you are connecting with someone new, especially on Linkedin, don't send a generic message, introduce yourself. This helps you stand out from the rest.

Be intentional about making a connection with groups and follow company accounts. Joining groups can help you connect to new professionals. Following company accounts gives you the inside track on new jobs.

And finally, make sure your resume online is updated with important job information, education and your social media handles.