Sumter, SC (WLTX)- A non-profit restaurant in Sumter once again has its coveted Golden Spatula Award hanging proudly on the wall after flooding damaged the original.

"We had some damage to the wall. We had some flooding here. We had to come in and replace the wall. In the process of replacing the wall the spatula was knocked loose," said Paula Durham, with the Pilot Evening Club of Sumter.

The frame to the 2014 award shattered into pieces, and the Golden Spatula wasn't so golden anymore thanks to water damage.

"Believe me, we were devastated by that. We work very very hard to get that award. And all of us a are volunteers. So we're nonprofit, and we put a lot of heart and soul in the market," said Durham.

All of the proceeds from the concession stand-style restuarant go to charities, including Camp Burnt Gin.

"We use the proceeds to help keep Camp Burnt Gin open, which is a camp , a special needs camp for children in Westfield. There's approximately 400 to 500 children who go there every year at no cost," said Durham.

The club members volunteer six hours a month at the restaurant, with tips also going to their mission.

“We have a Christmas Party for kids with Autism every year. We have puppet shows in all of the elementary schools, and daycares , f we’re invited. And it teaches the elementary, 1st grade, brain safety is very important and that they need to know what they need to do to protect their brains and their bodies," said Anna Nunnery, Governor for SC Pilot International.

The low-cost items range from their famous chicken salad sandwich croissant to loaded hot dogs known as the 'Paul Wright Special'.
“This has been the best kept secret in Sumter. Because a lot of people don’t know anything about Pilot or the Iris Market," said Nunnery.

“We have repeat customers who come back all the time. And we meet a lot of very interesting people. And people come from all over the United States and even the world that visit here.”

Nunnery and Durham hung the new award where the original used to be, clapping and cheering for their 100% grade from DHEC.