Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The streets of downtown Columbia looked more like a snapshot of the Bronx on Saturday during the Love Peace and Hip Hop Family Day festival.

"We're just taking it back," said coordinator FatRat Da Czar.

Czar says the event was all about going back to the basics of hip hop.

"This is an art form, a music and a culture that started almost 50 years ago in the south Bronx," Czar said.

The event brought the same urban artistry to the streets of Columbia with graffiti artists, break dancers, rappers, and DJs.

"Young people, old people, Black, White, Latin... you see everyone here," said Yaira Orellana with WellCare Health Plans, the title sponsor of the event.

Orellana says the event showcases hip hop's ability to unify.

"You hear stuff, from for example when I was in 6th grade, I heard something and I was like 'ohhh!' and you see someone else singing it too and it brings people together," Orellana said.

With headliner like Kid n Play, it was also a blast from the past.

"And lets not forget it," said Terelle Greene, an attendee, "because it's our culture. And this is where we came from and this is where it all started and generated from, hip hop. So we've got to continue it on and embrace it>