Cayce, SC (WLTX) - The City of Cayce is replacing over 75% of their waterline system. Most of the neighborhoods have not had new pipes since the 1940's.

The areas affected are the Avenues, Broadacres, North Frink Street, Julius Felder and Edenwood. That's a total of about 250,000 linear feet of existing water distribution lines.

Flooding in the area is one of the biggest complaints from residents and spokesperson for the City of Cayce Ashely Hunter says this project will address that and more.

"Our problem more is with the breaking and the corrosion of the pipes causing flooding and causing different things in people's yards so it's really not the quality of the water but there is a problem when you've got water running through pipes this old" said Hunter.

Last year alone, the City of Cayce had to issue 10-15 boil water advisories.

"It's going to make a huge difference, there's going to be a lot less flooding when it rains, there's going to be a lot less pipe breakage so when we have water outages and boil water advisories all those things are going to go way down" said Hunter.

The cost is about 26 million dollars and for homeowners that means an extra 67 cents a month for three years.