Columbia, S.C. (WLTX) - It may have snowed Sunday, but March is bringing Spring in the new year. With the new season comes spring cleaning, a time to unload some of your unwanted belongings for Cash or donations.

Here are four ways to generate income with your items:

Cash In On Clothes - Getting rid of your unwanted clothes can save you space and earn you money. Pay attention to labels and styles to help you decide where you should sell each item and save the warmer clothing to sell during the fall and winter months.

Rent Out Your Space - As you clean up, you may be lucky enough to empty a room or study. Renting out your space to travelers with AirBNB & Innclusive or turn your home into a storage unit with SpaceOut and StoreAtMyHouse will generate some extra money. People have made enough money to pay for additional college degrees or holidays abroad.

Sell Your Collection - Nostalgia can help you generate income. Spring cleaning will uncover vintage toys that carry great value, especially if they're still in their original packaging. Many people jump to the newest technology possible every two years. Don't forget to sell your old smartphones or tablets.

Help Others Get Rid Of Their Junk - Purchasing toys, sports, electronics, and useful tools from yard sales and local thrift stores could turn into serious cash. Do some research and have the end in mind for each purchase to know how much you can earn when reselling an item.

With online and physical marketplaces at your fingertips, these channels can help anyone earn extra money as we enter the new season.

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