Sumter County, SC (WLTX) - Sumter County deputies say they've seized 63 pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $180,000 from a group of a local couple.

Sheriff Anthony Dennis announced details of the arrests Thursday afternoon.

Acting on a tip, Dennis said his officers got word that a large shipment of pot was on its way from Washington state, where recreational marijuana is legal, to the Palmetto State on July 4th. The tipster said the marijuana would be in a specific vehicle.

"The amount that we were expecting was probably accurate to what we received," Dennis said.

Officers were able to track the vehicle down to a home. However, officers say the suspects hid the vehicle on a neighbor's property.

After questioning the neighbors, they got their K-9 officer to inspect the vehicle, and they found the massive stash of drugs. Sheriff Dennis believes it's the largest bust they've ever had in his county.

"In my time, in my 35 years, this is the largest marijuana bust that we've had," he said.

Three suspects-- a husband, wife, and their son--are in custody in connection with the seizure: Robert Hendrix, 59, and Marianne Hendrix, 61. and Michael Anthony Hendrix, 30. It's believed the trio when to Washington State and transported the drugs back here.

All were charged with Trafficking marijuana, 10 pounds or more but less than 100 pounds. This is a Class E Felony in South Carolina which carries a prison term of up to 10 years, plus a significant fine.

He said others are likely connection to the operation, and the investigation continues.

Marianne Hendrix, Robert Hendrix