Lexington County, SC (WLTX) - News 19 is following up on the story of the former Irmo Assistant Fire Chief who was arrested and charged with 3rd degree domestic violence on December 11th.

On Friday, Debember 15th, his wife spoke to News 19, explaining that his arrest was all a misunderstanding and hoping to clear his name.

She explained that she has terminal cancer and often has seizures, where she becomes disoriented afterwards. She told us that she had a seizure the night of Thomas' arrest.

Thomas' wife explained that he was only helping her with her seizure, but when she gained consciousness, she didn't know why her husband was yelling. She later called the police.

The incident report cites that when Lexington County Sheriff's Deputies arrived at the house, they observed that Thomas was "heavily intoxicated, unsteady on his feet, with slurred speech."

The 911 call of that night was released to News 19, giving another perspective of what happened that night.

Thomas' wife maintains that this was all a misunderstanding. She has also contacted a lawyer to help in the case and is planning on meeting with the Irmo Fire Chief to see if Thomas can be reinstated, as he was asked to resign after the 3rd degree domestic violence charge.