Columbia, SC (WLTX) - There's nothing Caleb Maisonet enjoys more than playing video games.

"It has great detail, great graphics," he said.

Like many other nine-year-old children, he's asking for video games this Christmas, but at the top of his list is a bike.

"If I wanted to go to the grocery store it would take me an hour and a half probably to get to it. I could be there much easier if I had a dirt bike," he said. "I'd really just get some Doritos."

For a moment though, it seemed like Christmas wasn't coming at all.

"Unfortunately on October 7 Caleb pretty much became an orphan overnight. He lost his mom, but he also lost his dad," Renee Joye said.

According to police, Tanya Maisonet was found dead. She was stabbed to death in her apartment in Georgia. Caleb's father Saul was arrested and charged with her death. Caleb moved in with his grandparents in Columbia and when it seemed like all hope was lost something happened.

"It is a Christmas miracle," Joye said.

Two women stepped in to help: Joye and Leslie Peters.

Caleb affectionately refers to Joye as Aunt Renee and Peters as Miss Leslie. The two reached out to the people in their communities for help and they responded by donating a Christmas tree and more presents may be on there way. Joye also set up a GoFundMe page for Caleb.

"In my heart of hearts God has shown me that this child is going to be okay," Joye said.

"The smile on his face when he sees me and the hugs I get from him when I come over make all of this worth it," Peters said.

I asked Caleb what this holiday is all about.

"(It's) all about your loved ones, mostly all about God and food. Mostly all about food," he said.

It was a great answer from a nine-year-old enjoying Christmas.