Columbia, SC (WLTX) - With more than three million people in Puerto Rico in the dark and without food and water, people in the Midlands are trying to figure out ways to help but some are not able to do so.

With Puerto Rico being an island, the only way to get supplies there is obviously by plane or boat which is not cheap.

Leaders with Harvest Hope Food Bank said they wish they could do more.

“The state had disasters the last couple years with the flood and Hurricane Matthew and you know we got so much support from everyone you know all around the nation and the world and we really want to be able to reciprocate that but it’s a struggle with Puerto Rico not being connected,” Jamie Peebles with Harvest Hope said.

“They’re in just a bad of shape so we’re doing everything we can but it’s a bit frustrating,” he added.

They are assisting Partners with Feeding America, Red Cross, Salvation Army and VOADs.

“Patients coming in through Columbia airport and we provided some disaster bags for the patients and to support Salvation Army in that role,” Peebles said.

Leaders with the American Red Cross said they have been able to get items to the island.

Leaders said they have shipped generators laptops, satellite phones, and radios.

They have also sent 15,000 comfort kits, blankets, and cleanup kits to the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

They plan to send 19,000 comfort kits and water to assisted living facilities in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

To find out ways you can help, please visit: