Columbia, SC (WLTX) - There is going to be a lot more commotion at the State House soon, and it has nothing to do with legislation. A new apartment complex, called Lofts at the Capitol, are going to be constructed right across the street.

The Design and Development Review Commission (DDRC) for the city of Columbia approved the four-story, 12 unit apartment complex to fit in behind the Immaculate Consumption coffee shop on the corner of Main and Pendleton Street.

"The increase of comfortable and affordable living space in the city center is of great benefit to the city," said Robert Wynn, the chairman of the DDRC.

Wynn says it will be a win for everyone.

"Empty parking lots don't provide for revenue," Wynn said, "and having people who can walk and bike to work instead of drive is very important."

Ford Elliott, the developer of the apartments, says these will be luxury apartments.

"We're very excited about this project, Elliot said, "we're building a very nice, boutique style apartment complex with granite countertops, [and] stainless appliances."

Elliott says the apartment will not be labeled for any particular demographic.

"This project is catered towards anybody who wants to live close to the University or the State House with close walking distance to anything," Elliott said.

Stephen Pinnell, the manager of Immaculate Consumption, tells us they are happy to have a new draw toward their side of Main Street.

"All the other businesses started popping up and started bring people away from us so it'll help us," Pinnell said. "As in, bringing more people back our way."

The construction is expected to start in April and will take about a year to finish.