It all began with a love of bird watching.

In the 60’s, Bobby Desportes moved his family out to the country, trading Forest Acres for acres of forest in lower Richland County with room for horses for his wife and daughter and plenty of bird watching with his son Hunter.

Beginning with 8 MM film to videotape and finally to trail cameras, Hunter and his dad have been keeping an eye on their wildlife neighbors.

On their pond, they put wood duck boxes supplied by the Department of Natural Resources to encourage wood ducks to stay and raise their young.

Hunter will tell you that seeing wood duck ducklings leaving the nest is what sent him to Facebook.

“I thought it would make a good story. You could see the ducks grow up,” he said. And the best place he could think of to share it with friends and family was on Facebook.

So he made a page.

He called it Cabin Branch Wildlife, in honor of the creek that ran through their property.

Then a family member sent his dad a trail camera.

Now, they were about to see all the animals that called their property home.

Deer, opossums, beavers, all were pretty much expected. In the last few years, however, bobcats and coyotes have made an appearance.

The amount of wildlife that lives in about a 50-mile radius around their home in lower Richland County seems almost impossible. Development is all around them, but their property has remained untouched since they moved in almost 60 years ago.

Hunter hopes that one day his parents' property will become a sanctuary, a place where all the wildlife will get to live undisturbed except, of course, for the occasional “wildlife paparazzi”

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