Lexington County, SC (WLTX) - Heavy rains and strong winds caused some folks on Lake Murray to lose their boats Monday.

“I’ve seen some really really bad stuff, but nothing like this this is the worst I’ve seen,” Jeff Chaplin explained.
Chaplin lives on Land’s End on Lake Murray in Lexington.

The effects of Tropical Storm Irma caused him to lose a jet ski that was tied down to the dock. Other residents said they had lost their boats to the storm.

“It’s been crazy,” he said while being battered by rain. “The boats are sinking. The docks are coming a part. It’s really dangerous out here.”

Boats were flipped over and ropes holding them down were ripped.

“You’re at the mercy of mother nature. Nobody got hurt and we have insurance, so it could be a lot worse things that happen, we’re blessed,” Chaplin said with a smile.