Columbia, SC (WLTX) Suspended Rep. Rick Quinn will be in court Tuesday morning for his arraignment and bond hearing.

Quinn has been indicted on two counts of misconduct in officer for allegedly using his position for personal profit.

He is the fourth sitting state lawmaker t be indicted in special prosecutor David Pascoe's probe.

Greg Harris, Quinn's attorney, has said his team will move to disqualify solicitor Pascoe saying that the Democrat is targeting Republicans.

Jay Bender, WLTX's attorney, has written a letter to Judge Knox McMahon asking that he unseal any motions that were filed to take Pascoe off the case, citing a law that states "any motion to disqualify a special prosecutor appointed by the state attorney general "shall be held in public".

Solicitor Pascoe declined to comment to News19 about the case, however, when notified about the request to unseal documents he said that he supports Bender's efforts to unseal all documents that have been filed in connection to Tuesday's hearing

The investigation into corruption at the statehouse has grown so large, that three other elected solicitors have been sworn in including Scarlett Wilson of the 9th District, 16th's District Kevin Brackett and the 14th's Duffie Stone.

Pascoe is a Democrat, meanwhile the 3 other solicitors are all Republicans.

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