A 20-acre park is coming to the BullStreet Neighborhood, and that's not all.

The president of Hughes Development announced the park’s construction, which will include walking trails, a dog park and a pond.

"The best neighborhoods in the world have great parks and we think this is going to be a showcase park within Columbia,” says Robert Hughes.

The park will soon be seen on the corner of Colonial Drive and Gregg Street.

"A development of this size and the acreage down here really needed its own identity with a park of its own down here to be used by the residents and the people who are working down here,” says Gregory Tucker, special projects administrator for the city of Columbia.

Along with construction of the park, crews will daylight Smith Branch Creek, which now runs in twin 84-inch culvert pipes.

"We're going to be taking roughly 2,000 feet of stream that's currently running underground through the BullStreet park and bringing it back up to the surface," says Hughes.

One of the added benefits of the daylighting project is stormwater improvement. During an average storm event at BullStreet, 31,000 gallons of water flow per minute from the site to nearby areas. The opening of the stream will help reduce future flooding.

"This is a project that I've been excited about since before Hughes Development came on the scene,” says Rebecca Haynes with Conservation Voters of South Carolina and the BullStreet Commission. "We'll be able to see water quality improvements. It will be flowing, oxygen will be getting to it and you'll actually see aquatic wildlife improve."

"This was something that just made sense,” says Hughes. “It's great for the environment, it's great for the park and the ability to improve the storm water conditions on the site and off the site.”

The cost of the project is still unknown now, but construction at the stream is set to start in the next few weeks and will wrap up by early 2018.