A microburst may be the cause of storm damage at a Columbia business Monday afternoon.

"We heard a lot of lightning, a lot of thunder. There was a lot of heavy wind at one time. We heard a loud popping sound, which sounded like lightning struck our building," said Lee Starling, the vice president of operations for Partition Systems.

The roof from ABC Supply was blow off from the winds, and thrown onto Partition Systems. According to witnesses, there was a lot of rain and wind when part of the roof collapsed, leaving puddles of water and roofing material scattered inside ABC Supply.

Starling said there were about five to six holes in the roof and some debris fell on cars. Within hours, a roofing company was fixing the holes on Partition System's roof. Luckily, Starling said there weren't any serious injuries.

"[One employee] was just running his machine when the explosion, or when the material from ABC's roof hit ours. I guess it frightened him more than anything else. He fell and chipped a tooth," said Starling.

Partition Systems will be open Tuesday morning.

As for ABC Supply, employees said they are going to fix the roof themselves.

The National Weather Service will survey the damage to determine if it was a microburst.