St. Matthews, SC (WLTX) - A Midlands school superintendent is expressing concern following Governor McMaster's decision to veto funding for school buses.

Dr. Steve Wilson of Calhoun County says there are about 25 school buses in his district that service more than 1,700 students.

"I hope the governor understands the gravity of the situation," says Dr. Wilson. "A lot of days of the week there's a bus that down for one reason or another and it's simply because of the age of the fleet."

About a third of the district's buses are more than 15 years old. "And there's about five or six buses that are the '95 models that are known to catch fire," explains Dr. Wilson. "We literally hold our breath daily, hoping that those buses get home and back without any incident."

He says he was disappointed by the decision to veto more than $20 million in funding for school buses from the South Carolina Education Lottery. The district was expecting at least three buses from that investment.

Governor McMaster spoke after Tuesday's Financial Accountability meeting, reaffirming his decision to veto the bus funding. He says the General Assembly has to find another source of money.

"If we need more money for school buses, I know we need a lot of new school buses, then we need to appropriate it from the regular sources and see to it that we can plan in advance," says Governor McMaster. "We know how many we're going to get, we know how much money we have and buy the school buses."