Columbia, S.C. (WLTX) - Lolita Frazier's life changed the day her son, 21 year old Jordan Frazier-Stith was shot and killed in September 2016. Since then, Lolita has done her best to help others who are walking in their pain, strut through it.

As a runway instructor Lolita's job is to coach professional models on how to own any runway they step foot on. She also works with breast cancer survivors, and says her goal is to encourage them to make the world their runway.

"I share my personal story of hurt, heartache and pain to encourage others to except the things that they are going through." she says.

Through her program, Loco Strut Runway, she uses her experiences to encourage others to be strong in their weakest moment. After posting a Facebook live and discussing the pain of losing a child, Lolita received messages from mothers in the same situation from all across the country. She says she wants people to own their obstacles in order to realize their purpose.

"We all have been through something and we all will go through something we have to realize that our lives are on purpose.I want to encourage and inspire people to tell their stories with pride as I do everyday of my life." says Frazier.