Columbia, SC (WLTX) - One of the items on today's Columbia City Council Meeting was about changes for the West Gervais District, which includes what a lot of people know as the Vista.

One part of the plan places a 55 foot height maximum for buildings on the property line to maintain the historic look.

The council approved the plan, but allowed the First Citizen's Bank property located at Park and Lady Street to be excluded. This means they are excluded from those height requirements.

Bart Walrath, a Vista resident who came to the city council meeting, says the decision to exclude the property could ruin the integrity of the area.

"A specific building could be too tall and look out of place on that property," Walrath said. "But the other concern is that it sets a precedence for other people with other parcels to try and exclude their areas from the plan, so that after it's all said and done, if too many people do that, you don't have a plan."

Other parts of the plan include the intersection and sidewalk improvements, bicycle improvements and parking, and a revamp of sitting areas and public art.