Chapin, SC (WLTX) - Brianna Willette's cafe sits along Virginia St. in Chapin. She said her restaurant found its niche when they expanded their catering services by adding a food truck outside of the V.C. Summer nuclear plant and word spread fast.

"We probably tripled the business that we were doing in the restaurant just because we had so many families coming in and everything," Willette said.

It was a dream come true, but one that continues to fade after construction stopped. They invested more than $45,000 into the truck.

"We're really a small business and it cost us almost $3,500 to SCE&G to put our power pole up, so it could stay up and running out there and they're not going to refund our money on that even though really it was their decision. It's costing us more money than we're making," she said.

And they may lose cafe customers too. Gina Breland co-owns a Remax franchise in Chapin and said in the last week she's had 38 homes go up for sale.

"There are a few of those that wouldn't have anything to do with this because we would have inventory coming on anyway, but probably a majority of those are involved," said Breland.

"They were are friends and they were almost like family to us and it's just so hard to see how they've been hit so hard with everything," said Willette.

Wilette said they're looking to find a new home for their truck with new customers to serve.

"We're trying to find one place just to put it and do business like we were doing out there," she said.

Willette said they've put in an application for Soda City in Columbia and are waiting to hear back.