Charleston County, SC (WLTX)- Charleston is now under a hurricane warning but some people there were boarding up windows, packing up to go to local shelters and others said they were just waiting it out.

Jalette Roberts was getting ready to take her grandson and her mother to a local shelter. She decided not to go into the Midlands because she wanted to avoid the congestion and the headache looking for a hotel room.

She said she lost a car last year during the floods but felt very comfortable this time because of the Governor's plans. "I felt very proud to be in Charleston because I knew that somebody was looking out for us," said Roberts after she told News19 she saw all the school buses ready to take people from shelters up to the upstate.

The Emergency Management Division continues to get new evacuees in shelters and add new locations. Both agencies expect more people to check into shelters and say they're ready to open more if needed. You can check a list of those shelters here:

About 350 school buses from Greenville, Richland and Lexington traveled to the coast yesterday. They're ready to transport people to shelters in the Midlands and Upstate shelters. EMD says this is not going to happen until the shelters are all filled up, the capacity is 3,000.

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