Charleston, SC (WLTX, AP) - People in Charleston are working to flee the city to get away from the possibly serious effects of Hurricane Matthew.

The storm could bring anywhere from 6 to 14 inches--or more--of rain to that area. That's not including the storm surge, which could send water flowing across much of the area near the coastline.

Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg and other city officials say the heavy rains and storm surge from Matthew could combine to cause flooding worse than the floods the city saw a year ago.

During a news conference Thursday, Tecklenburg asked residents to pack up what they need, secure their property and get out of town.

City officials say that the first rains from the storm are expected to move in late Friday and conditions will deteriorate into Saturday.

Police Chief Greg Mullen warns that at the height of the storm, police and emergency personnel will be pulled off the streets and there won't be the usual rapid response to 911 calls.

In Folly Beach, only residents were allowed to access the islands. Anyone else was turned away by police.