COLUMBIA (WLTX) - An organization from Texas came all the way to the Midlands to share a special gift to help the children staying at Palmetto Health a little more colorful and a lot more comfortable.

This story starts three years ago in Dallas, Texas. Nine year old Luke had been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma- a cancer that attacks the immune system. He spent the next year in hospitals and doctors's offices and was tired of wearing a hospital gown. He told his parents he wanted to wear something that didn't make him feel sick as soon as he put it on, and that's where Luke's Fast Breaks t-shirt was born.

Together Luke and his parents designed a shirt with snap up sides that was both comfortable and colorful. Most importantly the shirt meets hospital standards. It didn't take long for other kids in Luke's hospital to ask for a shirt too.

In 2016 the organization donated over 5,000 shirts across the country. South Carolina is the 20th state to receives Luke's special shirts. The organization visited Palmetto Health Children's Hospital on April 11 to hand out the gown replacement shirts.

"It's really neat because to a lot of the kids it's a symbol of hope. This story, because Luke beat Cancer. When they hear about him, it makes them think they can beat it too," says Britton Lynn, the executive director of Luke's Fast Breaks.

The children got to pick out a color and Lynn helped them snap into their very own Fast Breaks shirt. They come in lots of colors and are three inches longer than a normal shirt so the kids can wear then as a gown.

"One little girl wears her shirt to school when she's not in the hospital because she's proud she's a cancer survivor."

Smiles were on every face as they tried on their cozy shirts and hospital gowns were tossed aside.

"It's amazing! Some of the kids just start taking off their gowns immediately. There are just so excited."

Every child in the cancer treatment of the hospital received a shirt during the visit.

Luke's shirts range from toddler sizes up to an adult XXL.

If you would like to donate to the organization or purchase a shirt for a child, visit their website: