A first grader’s letter to Santa Claus has resulted in an avalanche of love from people all across the globe.

It began with this simple letter to Saint Nick from seven-year-old Crystal Pacheco.

“A ball… food and a blanket,” said Pacheco as she read the letter she wrote in class.

A ball to play with her brother, food to bring to the table, and a blanket to shield her from the winter cold.

A week later, a surprise announcement by Edinburg officials at Monte Cristo Elementary that none of the 726 students would go home to celebrate Christmas empty handed.

This after first grade teacher Ruth Espiricueta helped turn the letter into a Christmas miracle.

“I put it on my Facebook and I did not expect it to go viral the way it did,” said Espiricueta.

The post drew a lot of attention online, as well as local media coverage.

Soon enough, a wave of donations came pouring into the school’s front door from all over the world. People saw the first grader’s letter, and responded all because of a school assignment.

“Her letter was not the only letter,” Espiricueta said to a crowd of students and teachers.

Last week Espiricueta told her students to write letters to Santa listing two things they wanted and one thing they needed.

“I was heartbroken because I was like… what do you mean ‘a bed’? Or what do you mean a towel or a pillow?” Espiricueta asked her students.

The humble request hit home. More than Espiricueta could’ve expected.

“I was there at one point too and some of my teachers did not know,” Espiricueta acknowledged. “It just really hit home.”

One heart-to-heart letter to Santa that touched many more just in time for Christmas.