Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Some West Columbia residents say their part of town stinks, literally.

Residents believe the foul odor is coming from a chicken plant on Sunset Boulevard. The smell is so bad that West Columbia city council members discussed the possibility of an odor ordinance at Monday night's council meeting.

"I don't want to be knocked down by the odors from a neighbor that's not doing their part," said West Columbia resident Bruce Brutschy.

Brutschy has a house with a view of the river, but says he can't always enjoy it.

"It smells like chicken innards that are rotting," Brutschy said.

Brutschy's house is almost a mile away from the Chicken Plant on Sunset Boulevard, the place many residents, including the mayor, believe to be the source of the bad smell.

"It envelops you in such a terrible disgusting way," Brutschy said.

"It really smells like rotten trash, like a dumpster," said Brutschy's neighbor, Wes Taylor.

Taylor just moved in a few doors down and says it's embarrassing.

"Of course we've been having guests stop by and the first thing they say when they get out of the car is, 'does it always smell like this?'" Taylor said.

"We probably all know where this originated from, the so called chicken plant," said West Columbia mayor Bobby Horton.

Mayor Horton opened discussion about the odor at Monday's council meeting.

"Very, very thankful that we've reached the point where this is being put on the agenda," said councilman Tem Miles.

Miles requested establishing an odor ordinance to cap objectionable smells at the property line, with fines for violations.

"We need to make sure we have provided them with adequate incentives to go out and look," Miles said. "We need to do that by saying to them formally that the current status quo is not acceptable, and if it continues there's going to be consequences."

Councilman Jimmy Brooks agreed, but says the ordinance would be hard to enforce if they couldn't narrow down where a smell originates.

"I think we could enforce it for a particular place like the chicken plant," Brooks said. "I think it would be hard to enforce it as a broad thing, because odors can float, just come through."

Mayor Horton says they will continue to research the issue to come up with a logical solution.