Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Civil Rights photographer Cecil Williams released never-seen photos of the Civil Rights movement in South Carolina through his new book "Unforgettable."

Williams began working as a photographer at the age of 14, photographing rallies, demonstrations and sit-ins throughout the state.

He says the images he saw more than 50 years ago, are similar to what he's seen now.

"I am disappointed in my country," says Williams, an Orangeburg native. "I am disappointed in my state. I am disappointed in Orangeburg and the lack of leadership we have today."

Williams says he's still sees signs of racism in his hometown of Orangeburg, through Confederate monuments and statues.

"It's not only symbols that really kind of regulate the way things are, but it's the actions of people or the non actions of people," says Williams. "I'm very disappointed that we fought so hard, for so long and still yet found ourselves where we are today."

However, he says he is hopeful that, through his photos of the past, there will be a brighter future.

"Civil protest and fighting for freedom, justice and equality, hopefully we don't have to do this all over again."

For more information on Williams' new book, click the link here.