Clarendon County, SC (WLTX) - There are triple the amount of volunteer firefighters as there are paid firefighters in Clarendon County, but they still don't have enough. To ramp up the volunteer force, the department is starting a new recruiting class on August 3rd.

Jay Bruner, a Battalion Chief with the Clarendon County fire department, says they currently have 35 paid firefighters and 100 volunteers. Bruner says they cannot afford to pay for a large increase in firefighters and rely on the community to step up and help.

"There's always constantly a void that we have," Bruner said, "the more that we have the better we are. Firefighting is a very physically demanding function, not only do we fight fires today but our calls for service are much broader than that - motor vehicle accidents, rescues, emergency medical response. The more people we have to share that load with, the better off we all are."

Bruner says the largest need they have is in the Turbeville area. They have roughly 15 volunteer firefighters and they would like to have 40. - but the search is countywide.

In Clarendon County, interested community members will need to go to of the manned stations in Manning, Turbeville, Summerton, or Wyboo and pick up applications from there. The applications can be turned into the training division in Manning.

You can also visit one of these websites to apply: and