Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The 2015 flood ripped through Louis Scott's home. It destroyed the floors, walls and roof. It's been a tough two years, but the 86-year-old is finally able to walk through the front door and enjoy what he sees.

"Everybody was so nice to me. I can't help, but thank everybody. I appreciate everything they did for me. I really appreciate it,” Scott said.

Outside his house Monday stood over a dozen volunteers with AmeriCorps and the St. Bernard Project. The volunteers spent two months replacing his roof, removing the mold, ripping out the carpet and adding new floors, insulation and drywall, but on Monday they came to help him celebrate. Rachel Pettit is the Executive Director of the St. Bernard Project of South Carolina.

"At his age it would be difficult for him to do repairs himself or to finance a project that would allow him to turn his home back to the conditions it was in before the flood," she said.

The group even bought him a cake. Scott's daughter Sharon said they would spend every Friday night at her dad's house before the flood and now they'll be able to continue that tradition.

"I’m so touched right now to be able to witness this day and to be here with my father to see the smile on his face and how he is so full about what has been done to his house,” she said.

With a restored home and his family by his side Scott said he couldn't be happier.

"I'm going to be alright now,” he said.